The Stuff You Do To Him That He Can’t Just Resist Obsessing Over You

How you trigger his pleasure hormones as no woman has ever done before, how you flood his mind with love hormones, how you talk to him.  How you approach him early in the morning, how you whisper those sweet mellow words in his ears, how you walk, how you dress and most importantly how you seem to know what he wants and when he wants it because there is this little powerful secret you read in make him desire you.

Ladies, there are stuff that you do to a man that make him obsess over you COMPLETELY and do not be surprised when he breaks down into tears of love because men have emotions too.

Game Over! You Have Won the Game

You Have Made Him Completely Obsessed With You

Once you touch his emotional spots, it is game over, you have won the game: he is absolutely obsessed with you and there is no way she can even think of another woman.

Contrary to popular belief in most women circles: men are emotional creatures. The reason why it is rare to see the emotions of a man is because a man will only show his emotional side if he has a strong reason to do so or when a suitable opportunity presents itself.

Create Reasons and Opportunities to Spark His Emotions

Good News Sisters!

There is a dating handbook called “Make Him Desire You” that will teach you how to open the door to the flood of emotions from a guy. These are the good emotions such as happiness, excitement, affection, and love. This book teaches you how to make a guy to feel high when he is at very low emotional moment in his life and how to make him to experience feelings he has never experienced before with other women.

How You Trigger His Pleasure Hormones

Wow! This is powerful, this is the real deal. Really, which man can forget that woman who gives him pleasure beyond limits? This is not what you are thinking about as you will discover by reading Make Him Desire You.

Pleasure, pleasure and even more pleasure. Your man is crying for pleasure, are you hearing his cries? Once you become his pleasure queen you become the queen of his heart and you will be the one and only queen of his life. Remember, this has everything to do with how you make an emotional connection with him and little to do with what runs in your mind when the word pleasure is mentioned.

How You Talk To Him

talk to him the right wayWords have power. There is a way you can talk to a man and you will not only be communicating to his ears but you will be communicating to his inner desires or more precisely his inner man.

Most women are poor at this, when they talk to a guy, it goes through one ear and exits through the other ear. If you want to be the one who stays in his mind and the one who rules his heart, learn the techniques and styles of communication and the actual words you should be saying from the book: Make Him Desire You.

How You Flood His Mind with Love Hormones

The connection between love and the mind is a tricky one. It is only by playing the game like a real pro that will you be able to make him obsess over you.

There is a way that the expert girls do this and Alex Carter has explained it in his legendary seduction handbook: Make Him Desire You. If you want to keep a man for the long run, make a point of reading this book.

Men Are Easily Distracted BUT

This #1 Guide Will Remove His Distraction Caused By Other Women & He Will 100% Focus On You

Women are struggling to get the attention of men because other women out there always distract them.  Yeah, your man might be having a concentration problem and more importantly he may not be focusing on your good qualities and instead seeing the good out there.

Make him obsess over you 100%

Your answer to this problem of distraction is very simple, the #1 dating guide for women: Make him desire you that will make him obsess over you 100%. He will wake up thinking about you and he will go to bed thinking about you. You will even be surprised when you man does something he has never done before, calling you in the middle of the day and telling you, “Dear, I just wanted to know how you are doing.”

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